Tantric Massage Couple

Tantric massage for married

Tantric Massage for couples offers a journey through sensuality and sensations that can be a great blessing and inspiration. Massage opens a sacred space that invites the couple to new heights of devotion, to enjoy the treasures that lie within each of them. During the massage, the couple is guided in a loving and careful manner, allowing them to observe and live their feelings as and when they arise.

In the tantra tradition each couple is an incarnation of the two fundamental universal forces: Shiva and Shakti. And while tantric massage has a strong sensuous aura, couple’s experience does not have to be sexual. If the two of you – or any of you – do not feel comfortable? In exploring more sexual side of themselves, will be respected, then the experience can be extremely relaxing and enjoyable.

What happens during a tantric massage session for couples? tantric massage for couples is has two therapists performing the rituals at the same time. As a result, the experience is much more intimate and the couple can build a deeper and stronger relationship as the session progresses.

Other elements of tantric massage for couples, including the use of massage oil, the room environment where rituals are performed, and of course, therapists also play an important role in determining the effects of the rituals.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of benefits that you can enjoy doing a tantric massage for couples. In assessing the session together and interacting with each other during the rituals, it is very easy to get to a higher level of sensuous intimacy. You will learn to control the sexual energy and the other unit, which means it will be much easier to improve your sex life in general; with tantric massage sessions regularly scheduled, you can also explore other sexy sides of themselves and learn more about the amazing experiences that you both can enjoy.

Tantric massage is also good for your health. It lowers blood pressure and allows you to relax completely. It’s amazing how these seemingly simple effects can really bring major improvements to your life. Better circulation of oxygen means that other parts of your body will perform better, including the brain and kidneys. Stimuli channeled through a series of tantric rituals also desinflamam nerve endings and allow you to develop the senses.

The ultimate pleasure is definitely guaranteed! There is nothing better than enjoying a relaxing session of tantric massage with the person you love. The sensations you will experience during the sessions are different from anything you have experienced before, while the benefits of this type of massage service brings are simply too good to miss. The best part about this is that at the end of the session, the two are much closer to each other and more intimate partnership.

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