Tantric Lingam massage and Sensitive

The lingam is the sacred masculine body. According to common belief, the Lingam is simply a reproductive organ and nothing else. However, there is a reason that the lingam is known as the “light wand”. In Tantric, the Lingam is a sacred object which is given a very high level of respect.

What exactly is a Lingam Massage?

The massage sensitive lingam has a vision therapy is performed by gentle movements. The goal of tantra is to awaken the Kundalini energy, which is the vital energy that gives movement to life and all the energy, emotional, mental and physiological processes of individuals. It is the rise of Kundalini rising in the pelvic region (9 base chakra) and going up the spine to the top of the head (primary chakra).

A Lingam massage is the sacred masculine body massage. However, the purpose of this massage is to release the accumulated sexual tension, channeling energy into the Lingam. This massage provides a number of beneficial effects.

Some of the most profound benefits include:
Premature ejaculation control
Improved blood circulation of the Lingam
Intense sexual pleasure
Significant relief of sexual tension
Improved sexual stamina
Reducing pain, stress and depression

As the massage is performed?

Initially, the therapist will explain the various breathing techniques. These techniques are essential if the benefits of a Lingam massage is reached. Remember, ejaculation is not the goal of this massage, but the release of sensitive emotions and body.

As with all tantric massage, it is essential that the man breathe the same masseuse rhythm. This will make both bind in a deep emotional and spiritual level, increasing the effects of his touch.

The receiver is placed on its back. A pillow is placed under your hips and head. This allows not only the Lingam pops out, but also means that people can see what the masseuse is doing, serving to increase your enjoyment.

The massage starts when the neck and shoulder are massaged gently. This helps to relax the man and makes it more sensitive to the Lingam massage. Gradually, the tantric therapist moves down the body, covering every corner of your body.

This is where breathing is crucial. Not only help raise the effects of massage, but helps a man control his ejaculation. With different hands, speed and pressure, the Lingam is gently massaged. The heated oil is applied to enhance the massage effect.

Finally, the “holy place” of man is massaged. This location is where the majority of sexual tension of a man resides. This is where the prostate can be felt. When the right amount of pressure is applied to the area, a man has no choice but to give up and surrender to pleasure.

A Lingam massage can be an intense experience for any man. She will leave refreshed sense of the receiver and more in control of his sexual impulses. He will finally be able to control your ejaculation and increase any and all future sexual experiences.

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