Tantric Lingam Massage

Tantric massage lingam

In tantra we call the penis “lingam”. Lingam is the beautiful Sanskrit language, which loosely translated means “light wand.”

When a man has his lingam as part of his being in your life or sex life an essence of tantra, it brings a richer sensuality in time to make love, the ability to experience sex not only the genitals but the whole body and a depth of connected touch with yourself, others and the world around you. He is the “owner” of their masculinity.

Although the lingam massage is highly sensual and pleasant, it is not necessarily sexual. The lingam is included in a tantric initiation, simply because they choose to honor him and worship him as a “being full”, but certainly not the focus of the session. So much in life is placed in separate boxes and we can be guilty of doing this with our bodies, separating our genitals from the rest of who we are. Every part of your body in a tantric massage is honored, cherished and respected equally.

Tantric massage has no goals; is very present sense experience as it unfolds. Therefore ejaculation and erection is not a goal or an essential part of the session. It may happen, it may not … it is not the intention of tantric therapist or her responsibility “to provide an orgasm.” The “role” of the therapist is to remove all the focus related to sexuality and sensuality away from the lingam and the mind and distribute sensual pleasure throughout the body with a conscious and loving touch of this form. If orgasm or climax occurs is a sensual experience rather than fully sexual and not something that has been tried before … Orgasms are deeply nutritious and suitable for the whole body.

The Lingam massage uses pressure points on and around the lingam and scrotum, these pressure points are energized and excited feelings are built … again this is not due to a goal or intention of creating ejaculation, but to promote new sense of excitement and healing. As the power is turned on lingam area and moves throughout the body, the unconscious becomes conscious, blessing us with clarity and freedom from limiting beliefs that restrict our sexuality, sensuality, ability to have healthy relationships with ?? yourself and with others and stay strong in our own roots. The point is not to provide relief through ejaculation, but use the sense of excitement to achieve happy spaces, to achieve full-body sensations, healing and deep relaxation. It’s allow sex to happen from the natural instincts of our wonderful sexy bodies and not on the mind and all thoughts, fantasies and anxieties.

It is an essential part of a man’s life to experience the ability of your sexual energy beyond sex and beyond the idea that sex is just a pleasure based on the area of the genitals. Our sexual energy has an important part in our lives beyond sex, it inspires us, motivates us to act.

The healing benefits of a lingam massage is huge, only when we feel we have a list of potential possibilities; Tantric massage will bring to every single individual something new. And you will also try to give them the hidden treasures of authentic Tantric Lingam massage beyond the idea of an erotic massage.

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