Tantric massage

Tantric massage is a type of massage that uses sexual energy to achieve a higher state of consciousness. qualified tantric therapists, or lovers who study art, use the specific sexy touches, such as through the body with the fingertips to awaken the dormant energy field within the body. When awakened, this energy field, unites lovers of an ecstatic experience and rapturous euphoria. In addition, it allows physical pain and mental prey can escape the body.

A professional Tantric massage therapist can teach you and your partner the right way to experience the benefits of this ancient art of pleasure and healing.

Translation of Tantra, from the Sanskrit word is to expand, express, or show put on. Tantra Massage is defined as the awakening of a blocked energy throughout the body and awaken the Kundalini, the mythological power that is at rest at the base of the spine. When the Kundalini out of its state of rest, it spreads along the spine and leads to healing of various diseases.

No tantric massage is equal. The goal of tantric massage therapist is to awaken the seven chakras, or energy centers along the spine to move the sleeping Kundalini. Therapeutic tantric massage can start with relaxation methods and move along centralized techniques of chakra energy building, then go into the Kundalini with custom excitation techniques.

Sexual arousal is a great emotional impact of tantric massage. Giving and receiving a tantric massage is intimate and often is performed only between couples who are comfortable with each other.
Tantric massage can be very relaxing. Tantric massage can also relieve physical and emotional pain, fear and guilt. Tantra massage can also help people become more satisfied. By stimulating and sensuality through tantric massage, people can wake up parts of themselves that were repressed or dormant.

Tantric massage is greatly enhanced by the use of tantric breathing techniques during the massage. These breathing techniques, pranayama calls, allow the person to actively move the energy from one body to other parts of the body, a feat that enhances the experience and help in exercising self-discipline and self-control during arousal.

The main difference between the tantric massage and tantric sexual massage is the overall satisfaction. An important part of tantra massage practice is spiritual hygiene therapist. During the massage there is an exchange of energy between a donor and a receiver. Tantric Massage is essentially a beautiful and sacred act; on a symbolic level, it is a service to god or goddess and that the mission must be preserved at all times.

Effects of Tantric Massage

What you get with the tantric massage is beyond the immediate effect on the body and the mind is also an experience of what your sexuality can become. You can turn the experience into your own sex life as a principle based on which you can get each other to discover your partner. Massage also influences positively premature ejaculation, erection problems, the accumulation of stress and body tension due to overwork. It helps you connect with your body and become whole again.

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