Tantric Massage Experience (Feeling)

Tantric massage is done in many different ways and everyone has their own opinion on the subject. In tantric massage the erogenous zones are massaged. The erogenous zones are the buttocks, the penis and also the lower abdomen and thighs. For some people, the nipples are an erogenous zone. The neck, back, hands, feet and sometimes the earlobes can be erogenous zones for each person is different.

Nowhere in the body tantric massage is ignored. During a tantric massage session people are encouraged to experiences (fellings) of his own body, develop their own sexual identity and achieve spiritual freedom from prejudice and acquired habits.

In many Eastern philosophies body and mind are considered as one. If something in your body changes, it influences your mind and vice versa. By massaging the body and play in other ways energy is released and you are relaxed. The experience (fellings) generated during erotic tantric massage work on your body and your mind. Tantra assumes that the sexual energy equals the energy of life. During tantric massage the whole body and the erogenous zones, will be played sensual and loving way. You will quickly feel the sexual energy flow through your body. This provides a deep and intense satisfaction. When this energy flows freely, it is connected to your heart and creates a positive effect on their relationships with others.

A pleasantly illuminated scenery, soft music, are part of a tantric massage session. Gradually the hands of the masseuse will transport you to an experience (fellings) relaxing and a transcendent turmoil. You will feel floating away, and the moment will take you to a sensual feel, and an endless orgasm.

Tantra Massage not only deepens the sexual experiences of the receiver, but also helps build awareness and increases sensitivity to your body; which leads to an intimacy of sharing art with your partner, open communication and respect for themselves and others.

The effects on tantra massage health helps with erection and prostate problems, premature ejaculation, veganism, painful intercourse, non-physiological conditions of childbearing, lack of energy, vitality and strength; improves the relationship with you and your partner, get rid of tension and stress, relaxes the muscles and supports blood circulation.

Tantra massage is very popular for couples because it supports the experience and its attractiveness and mutual confidence and brings new inspiration and knowledge.

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