Tantric Massage Yoni

Yoni massage

I know tantric massage Yoni is a super sensitive issue and I do not want you to stop reading here. The goal is to know the body and pleasure as a whole. From this perspective receiver and giver can relax, and not have to worry about achieving any particular goal.

Tantric massage yoni, no, it is for all women on this earth who want to get in touch with your body and your soul. She can heal traumas, help her work through emotions, reduce stress and develop a way to learn to reach orgasm. I recommend that each of you make an attempt.

Okay, Yoni massage is a massage the vagina. Yoni means “temple or sacred space” in Sanskrit. Receiving a yoni massage, it means that your holy temple is being worshiped. In the ancient Indian tradition tantric yoni massage used to be a ritual for dancers of the temple or for women who followed the spiritual tantric path to love the vagina. Nowadays everyone can get one of these massages, without necessarily becoming a dancer of the temple or be a spiritual person, just simply book a session.

Well at this point you must be wondering: Why someone should massage my vagina? Well, I understand your reaction, but please do not stop reading.

You arrive at your orgasm easily? Yes? Well, you’re one of the lucky few. Most women due to stress in daily life, little exercise, emotional stress and other physical and psychological reasons, can not reach orgasm easily or possibly never had an orgasm before. Yoni massage promises you a way to learn to reach orgasm. Step by step, you will open the layers of your sexual stamina and pleasure Serpa ever deeper. Even certain tensions that are causing pain during the time of pleasure can be cured. It will help you heal your wounds of the past, release the locks that you never knew you had, and especially teach you to really feel your yoni totally – his holy temple. It is a matter of feeling that it is worth to be worshiped!

In many cities, temples tantric massage emerged as wild mushrooms. Some erotic massage parlors describing things like “the yoni massage is a sensual ritual of receiving sexual energy flowing throughout the body,” or “tantric massage will give your body and erotic ecstasy soul in an unprecedented way, and make you disappear in the rich emotional experiences abyss. ” It all looks beautiful, but not so the yoni massage works, it is made with respect therapy and knowledge and it is not always easy to find a place that makes real yoni massage.

Most people do not even think to book one of these sessions, because they can not find a place that meets at least the basic conditions. Or because they do not feel comfortable ?? to be touched by a stranger. I get it.

The Yoni massage is a therapy that sometimes can free us from our limits, you can release oceans of tears, anger and other emotions related to our pain both physical and mental, but it can also release smiles, joy and deep pleasure , which in turn can produce a heightened state of awareness. Tantric massage yoni can allow you to become aware of your female creative energy. This energy is very powerful and sometimes we are not prepared for this, so we can feel confronted by all sorts of obstacles. But with some determination and desire to be cured, we can overcome the limits. The Yoni massage not only changes your full sex life, it changes the way you know.

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